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Five Unique Origami Quilts to Support Tsunami Relief, Exciting Times Ahead!, How do you stop online students cheating?, The 20 Best Pinterest Boards About Education Technology, ROSALIND - platform for learning bioinformatics through problem solving., Are Textbooks an Obstacle to Learning?, Four Scary Good Ed Tech Sites, #SLTeachMeet, How do we help students achieve academically and..., Rainy-Day Reading from the Archive, Non-Fiction TextStructures!, FEMA recommends Twitter to communicate about hurricane, Hurricane Sandy: View From Above, Teaching in the Age of Siri, Gering Public School superintendent search under way
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Five Unique "Origami" Quilts to Support Tsunami Relief
opsafeintl.com  ❘   Shared by Irene Becker, Julia Skinner and 2 others
Every $1 is one chance to win! Donate with a North American Credit Card     Donate with International Credit Card Every individual donation given to NPO CRASH Japan from October 15th until the end of November, 2012 will be entered to win this...
Irene Becker Julia Skinner Bethe Almeras Second Life Spanish
Exciting Times Ahead!
deputymitchell.com  ❘   Shared by Steve Bunce, Michelle Cairns and 2 others
It is with a mix of great sadness and great excitement that I have handed in my resignation at Heathfield Primary today. As most people will know, I was Acting Head there for a chunk of last year up until December 31st 2011. Heathfield is on an...
Steve Bunce Michelle Cairns Ian Addison Tony Parkin
How do you stop online students cheating?
bbc.co.uk  ❘   Shared by TeacherToolkit, Eric Baber and 2 others
Imagine taking a university exam in your own home, under the watchful eye of a webcam or with software profiling your keystrokes or your syntax to see whether it really is you answering the questions. Online university courses have become the Next...
TeacherToolkit Eric Baber David Hopkins olekroll
The 20 Best Pinterest Boards About Education Technology
edudemic.com  ❘   Shared by Angela Angeli , Meg Ormiston and 1 other
Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the biggest sources inspiration and innovation when it comes to cooking, design, and education. That's right, education is a prominent fixture on Pinterest now and that, of course, means that education technology...
Angela Angeli Meg Ormiston Pora Ora Ed
ROSALIND - platform for learning bioinformatics through problem solving.
scoop.it  ❘   Shared by juandoming, Cybercalci and 1 other
Ernst & Young's report on the future of universities made a big splash this week, fuelled by apocalyptic headlines heralding the end of the university world as we know it.No one who has any feel…...
juandoming Cybercalci Ana Cristina Pratas
Are Textbooks an Obstacle to Learning?
edumusings.com  ❘   Shared by Cybercalci and Diana Dell, Ph.D
Posted on Saturday, October 27th, 2012 at 10:03 am. Written by Ben Stern Reposted from SmartBlog on Education :   In  "We Don't Need No Stink'n Textbooks,"  Tom Whitby convincingly argues that textbooks are as obstructive to learning as they are...
Cybercalci Diana Dell, Ph.D
Four Scary Good Ed Tech Sites
edutopia.org  ❘   Shared by EdTech K–12 Magazine and Solution Tree
I spent some time trying to come up with a really scary post for Halloween, but I decided I would stay positive instead and share some scary good sites on educational technology. Get it? Scary? Anyway, here are four tried and true sites I always turn...
EdTech K–12 Magazine Solution Tree
teachertoolkit.me  ❘   Shared by Tom Sherrington and TeacherToolkit
The startup page for a Teach Meet for Senior Leadership Teams. The hashtag #SLTeachMeet is born…24.10.12
Tom Sherrington TeacherToolkit
How do we help students achieve academically and...
benjichan.tumblr.com  ❘   Shared by THOUGHTstream and Benji Chan
30/10/2012 How do we help students achieve academically and socially? (at Centre for e-Learning (CeL)) Photo posted at 12:39
THOUGHTstream Benji Chan
Rainy-Day Reading from the Archive
newyorker.com  ❘   Shared by Michelle Paul and Geoff Barton
Up and down the East Coast, offices are closing ahead of Hurricane Sandy, and millions of workers are preparing to pretend to work from home. If you're one of them, let us distract you with this rainy-day reading list. A few of these articles are...
Michelle Paul Geoff Barton
Non-Fiction Text Structures!
msjordanreads.com  ❘   Shared by KathyPerret and Jeff Zoul
Follow "Reading. Writing. Thinking. Sharing."
KathyPerret Jeff Zoul
FEMA recommends Twitter to communicate about hurricane
thehill.com  ❘   Shared by John Goldsmith and Faith Behr
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on Monday recommended people caught in the path of Hurricane Sandy use social media to communicate in the event that the storm compromises other means of communication. FEMA was not the only agency...
John Goldsmith Faith Behr
Hurricane Sandy: View From Above
nytimes.com  ❘   Shared by debsnet and Larry Ferlazzo
Hurricane Sandy: View From Above
debsnet Larry Ferlazzo
Teaching in the Age of Siri
plpnetwork.com  ❘   Shared by Tom Whitford and Randy Matusky
Posted by Marsha Ratzel on Oct 23, 2012 in Making The Shift , The How of 21st Century Teaching , Voices , Web Tools That Deepen Learning | 0 comments "Siri, can you tell me what 2x+7 is?" You know the future is rushing towards us when students no...
Tom Whitford Randy Matusky
Gering Public School superintendent search under way
starherald.com  ❘   Shared by Lisa Dabbs and Beth Still
All of the pieces are in place. Now all that Gering Public Schools needs is a leader to take the reins and empower an already capable staff. That was one conclusion the Gering Public School District Board of Education reached Wednesday night during...
Lisa Dabbs Beth Still
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