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The "Khanification" of Education, Ofsted, Outstanding Teaching and theiPad, Struggling with educators lack of technology fluency, A 60 Seconds Guide to The Use of Blogging in Education, The 88 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning, What Does Student Blogging Exactly Do?, Languages and Learning: Teachmeet Belfast 2, 11 Ideas for Fostering an Innovative Culture, Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog: The Statue of Liberty!, Top 10 Ways to Disregard Authority and Stick It to the Man, A History Of Social Media (1971-2012) [INFOGRAPHIC], Happiness or Harvard?, Source: Backchannel talks but no US-Iran deal on one-to-one nuclear meeting, Reframing Shame: How and When Blame for Student Low AchievementShifted, BenchPrep Offers Spotify-esque All You Can Learn Subscriptions
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The "Khanification" of Education  ❘   Shared by Scott McLeod, Paulo Simões and 2 others
Yesterday I Tweeted out a link to a video titled " Meet the YouTube Next EDU Gurus ," a video that I found disconcerting on a number of levels, (not the least of which the music.) I know that in one way, the subjects of the video exemplify the...
Scott McLeod Paulo Simões Thomas Arnesen Will Richardson
Ofsted, Outstanding Teaching and the iPad  ❘   Shared by Paul McKean, juandoming and 1 other
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Paul McKean juandoming Daniel Edwards
Struggling with educators’ lack of technology fluency  ❘   Shared by Cindy Geddes, Richard Prowse and 1 other
October 20, 2012 by Scott McLeod It's 2012. Technology suffuses everything around us. The Internet and Internet browsers have been pretty mainstream for at least a decade. And yet, I continually run into significant numbers of educators who still...
Cindy Geddes Richard Prowse ICTADAM
A 60 Seconds Guide to The Use of Blogging in Education  ❘   Shared by Neil, Phil Dawson and 1 other
Neil Phil Dawson Stephen Harris
The 88 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning  ❘   Shared by Scott Newcomb and juandoming
Mobile learning is here to stay. Students and teachers alike can build entire libraries of apps and web tools that let them learn and do, well, anything. We've covered this just about every day and love finding new resources to share. So, if you...
Scott Newcomb juandoming
What Does Student Blogging Exactly Do?  ❘   Shared by Isabella Osswald and Kyle Pace
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Isabella Osswald Kyle Pace
Languages and Learning: Teachmeet Belfast 2  ❘   Shared by Alex Bellars and amandasalt
Alex Bellars amandasalt
11 Ideas for Fostering an Innovative Culture  ❘   Shared by Greta Shelly and Todd A. Hoffman
cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by MSVG Working with a group of administrators in Coquitlam, BC, I talked about some of the things that we have done in Parkland School Division to push our thinking ahead in the way that we are trying to...
Greta Shelly Todd A. Hoffman
Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog: The Statue of Liberty!  ❘   Shared by Lisa Nielsen and Linda Yollis
Mrs. Yollis visited the Statue of Liberty when she was in New York for the Google Teacher Academy.  (Here is a link to resources from the Google Teacher Academy .) Today, students looked up facts about the Statue of Liberty, and we "jigsawed"  the...
Lisa Nielsen Linda Yollis
Top 10 Ways to Disregard Authority and Stick It to the Man  ❘   Shared by Rich Kiker and Ruhani Rabin
Some rules were made to be broken, especially when those rules were created by people trying to take control of your gadgets and internet. Here are ten ways we love to disregard authority in the name of freedom. 10. Bypass Web Filters at Work If...
Rich Kiker Ruhani Rabin
A History Of Social Media (1971-2012) [INFOGRAPHIC]  ❘   Shared by John Robinson and Doug Peterson
Social networking seems like a very new phenomenon and, certainly for the younger generation, it's hard to imagine a world without Facebook and Twitter. But social isn't (and never was) just these two platforms – in fact, it actually predates both...
John Robinson Doug Peterson
Happiness or Harvard?  ❘   Shared by Dr. Price-Mitchell and Greg Reynolds
Alfie Kohn, a long-time advocate for grade-less schools believes we have to change the systems that produce stress for kids. In a New York Times article, Reconsider Attitudes About Success, he chided parents for overlooking the damage being done by...
Dr. Price-Mitchell Greg Reynolds
Source: Backchannel talks but no US-Iran deal on one-to-one nuclear meeting  ❘   Shared by Wildnfree and Breaking News
Digital Globe / AP file A 2004 satellite image provided by DigitalGlobe and the Institute for Science and International Security shows the military complex at Parchin, Iran, about 19 miles southeast of Tehran. By Andrea Mitchell, NBC News A senior...
Wildnfree Breaking News
Reframing Shame: How and When Blame for Student Low Achievement Shifted  ❘   Shared by Alec Couros and John Robinson
The shame that many teachers and principals feel at being made responsible for a school's low academic performance is a recent phenomenon. Historically , policy elites and educators explained poor academic performance of groups and individual...
 Alec Couros John Robinson
BenchPrep Offers Spotify-esque ‘All You Can Learn’ Subscriptions  ❘   Shared by Kevin Corbett and Edudemic
Subscriptions have come to online learning. Usually, you have to pay for a single course that you want to take (much like brick-and-mortar schools). BenchPrep wants to put a different twist on this and is now offering what is basically an 'all you...
Kevin Corbett Edudemic
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