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The Crazy Facts About Apples Role In Education, Felix jump from the edge of space, 40 Quick Ways To Use Mobile Phones In Classrooms, The Seven Powers of PowerfulQuestions, So You Made a Mistake on Social Media, Can Scientists Create A Robotic Bee?, Fake Ad Rips Internet Explorer 9 in Most Devastating Way Possible [VIDEO], App Center, What Would Life Be Like Without Electricity?, Making Mitt: The Myth Of George Romney, Online passwords: keep it complicated, What OFSTED Say TheyWant, Teachers Use Technology to Evolve Beyond the Traditional LectureModel, TeachMeet / Teachmeet Birmingham 8th November 2012, What motivates philanthropists?
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The Crazy Facts About Apple’s Role In Education  ❘   Shared by David R. Hill, Mercedes Kamijo and 4 others
Today's children were born and raised in a world of digital convenience, so it's no surprise that mobile is so popular on the playground. Apple has long realized the potential of the pre-teen set and has targeted them with iPads, learning apps, smart...
David R. Hill Mercedes Kamijo Kelly Dumont Jeff Johnson John Goldsmith Danielle Hartman
Felix jump from the edge of space  ❘   Shared by Bassam Salahi, Dawn Saunders and 3 others
Hop on board and get into the mission #livejump
Bassam Salahi Dawn Saunders Catherine Cronin Drew Thomson David Truss
40 Quick Ways To Use Mobile Phones In Classrooms  ❘   Shared by Paul McKillop, Nathan Hall and 3 others
Your students have smartphones. If you're looking for some simple and straightforward ways to easily integrate these powerful little devices into your classroom, look no further. The following 50 tips are simply that: tips. So use a few and toss the...
Paul McKillop Nathan Hall Jukka Manninen DASHBURST Mercedes Kamijo
The Seven Powers of Powerful Questions  ❘   Shared by Deb Mills-Scofield and Lolly Daskal
Questions are the most powerful statements you make. Questions expose. Your questions tell me who you are. Questions invite thought. Answers end thought. Questions enlighten. "It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question," Decouvertes....
Deb Mills-Scofield Lolly Daskal
So You Made a Mistake on Social Media  ❘   Shared by Pam Moore and Angela Maiers
Posted by Shelly Kramer on October 11, 2012 · Leave a Comment   This is a guest post from my smartest of smart friends, Doug Haslam . The new nightmare for brand marketers is commonly referred to as #socialmediafail–putting the wrong message out,...
Pam Moore Angela Maiers
Can Scientists Create A Robotic Bee?  ❘   Shared by KoreenOlbrish and Irene Becker
Image: Bee via Shutterstock
KoreenOlbrish Irene Becker
Fake Ad Rips Internet Explorer 9 in Most Devastating Way Possible [VIDEO]  ❘   Shared by Kevin Jarrett and Lisa Thumann
A parody of an Internet Explorer 9 ad rips the browser in the most devastating way possible.
Kevin Jarrett Lisa Thumann
App Center  ❘   Shared by Steve and Isabella Osswald
Turnitin is the world's leading web-based solution for plagiarism prevention, used by educators worldwide to check students' papers for originality, t...
Steve Isabella Osswald
What Would Life Be Like Without Electricity?  ❘   Shared by Daniel Zeevi and DASHBURST
Daniel Zeevi DASHBURST
Making Mitt: The Myth Of George Romney  ❘   Shared by Trina Cuppett and Jonah Peretti
Romney's distance from his fellow Republicans was no accident. Early in the campaign, the market-tested man of industry put a poll in the field and found that while he was more popular than Swainson personally, running as a Republican put him at a...
Trina Cuppett Jonah Peretti
Online passwords: keep it complicated  ❘   Shared by Paul Nezandonyi and Guardian Tech
Do you have 20 different passwords? There must be an easier way. How to stay one step ahead of the hackers – and still stay sane By Oliver Burkeman
Paul Nezandonyi Guardian Tech
What OFSTED Say They Want  ❘   Shared by Khawer Ishtiaq and Matthew Russell
A lot of teachers have been told that OFSTED will require them to stop teaching their classes and, instead, make children sit in groups knitting their own yoghurts, pausing only to be lectured on the minutiae of how to distinguish a level 5c from a...
Khawer Ishtiaq Matthew Russell
Teachers Use Technology to Evolve Beyond the Traditional Lecture Model  ❘   Shared by Jill Bromenschenkel and Bill Brannick
GUEST COLUMN | by Julie Smith Each day, we send more than 294 billion emails and we make more than 6 billion cell phone calls. We own more than 63 million tablet computers. Clearly, technology is a huge part of our everyday lives – but according to...
Jill Bromenschenkel Bill Brannick
TeachMeet / Teachmeet Birmingham 8th November 2012  ❘   Shared by Jon Bridgeman and Andy Knill
What is it?   Learn something new, be amazed and amused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about teaching and learning. Anyone can share great ideas they've trialled in their classroom or ask important questions. Education professionals...
Jon Bridgeman Andy Knill
What motivates philanthropists?  ❘   Shared by Fiona Luna and BBC News (UK)
From wartime child refugee to self-made multi-millionaire and philanthropist, Dame Stephanie Shirley's life has been more eventful than most. She arrived in London at the age of five, just weeks before the outbreak of World War II - one of thousands...
Fiona Luna BBC News (UK)
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