Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Re: Alex Gingell, Begabungs, and 40 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

The 30 Best Web 2.0 Tools For Teachers (2012 Edition)
Looking for the best cloud computing software for your school? What about a way to remotely store homework and other assignments? It's time to figure out which web 2.0 tool is right for you! The following presentation…
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How do you stop online students cheating?
With the growth of internet courses has come the need to verify the identity of students who could be working from anywhere in the world.
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Given Tablets but No Teachers, Ethiopian Children Teach Themselves
A bold experiment by the One Laptop Per Child organization has shown "encouraging" results.
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The Future of Education: Creating Your Own Schools
What will the future of education look like? KnowledgeWorks Foundation has just released the third edition of its education forecast, called Forecast 3.0, Recom
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Hurricane Sandy: View From Above
Watching the hurricane from the 51st floor of the New York Times building.
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Marta Evry @venice4change 29 Oct
AMAZING PHOTO: Even a hurricane won't keep the honor guard from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier this morning. #Sandy pic.twitter.com/VkH3NLhQ
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Chris Zuccaro @chriszuccaro 29 Oct
AMAZING PHOTO: Even a hurricane won't keep the honor guard from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier this morning. pic.twitter.com/RogbVYhe
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New York Post @NewYorkPost 29 Oct
Hurricane Sandy from Space twitpic.com/b8hvy5
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Ghetto Translations™ @GhettoEnglish 29 Oct
Stay indoors folks, Hurricane sandy is NO JOKE... twitpic.com/b8lhpm
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San Francisco Giants @SFGiants 29 Oct
To all the #SFGiants fans who never stopped believing & started the greatest fan movement in twitter history #RallyZito pic.twitter.com/XlDOEE5U
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