Monday, 29 October 2012

Re: Brianne Koletsos, Kent Polen, and 35 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Use Google Drive as a "Stepping Stone" to 3D Learning
Craig Roberts, assistant director of education at the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, believes his students learn better when they explain things visually. So, he has them build fruit fly brains out of Play-Doh, and… · Tweet this story

The History Of Online Education
Many of us remember back when online learning wasn' t yet a 'thing'. Back when classes happened almost exclusively in a classroom, and the internet was something we snuck downstairs to use when our parents were asleep… · Tweet this story

Have you or do you blog regularly? How has twitter impacted this? Please respond and RT. Takes 2 seconds
Have you or do you blog regularly? How has twitter impacted this? Please respond and RT. Takes 2 seconds (Moose Jaw, SK) 1,650 followings | 11,424 followers | 61,912 tweets Teacher, learner, husband, father, golfer. I… · Tweet this story

Are Textbooks an Obstacle to Learning?
In "We Don't Need No Stink'n Textbooks," Tom Whitby convincingly argues that textbooks are as obstructive to learning as they are ubiquitous in American classrooms. He suggests that most teachers' inability to emerge… · Tweet this story

Online Learning: MOOCs will never replace traditional higher ed
Online Learning News and Research ~ Ray Schroeder, editor ~ University of Illinois at Springfield by Trent Kays, Minnesota Daily It's not that I consider MOOCs to generally be a bad idea; it's just that I think we… · Tweet this story


Carole @Firefly2020 28 Oct
Sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point! A sight rarely seen!
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Caitlin Moran @caitlinmoran 28 Oct
If there are people out there STUPID enough to have kids in order to claim £17 a week, those kids need the most help of all #sundaypolitics
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Selena Woodward @TeacherTechnol 28 Oct
#flindersedu new teachers don't teach how you were taught. Share, innovate be ahead of the game :)
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Doug Belshaw @dajbelshaw 28 Oct
Sitting here streaming Spotify through Airplay to a Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc via an old 2GB SD card. #awesome
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Oprah Winfrey @Oprah 28 Oct
"Appreciate LIFE as your teacher." when you see that every experience is here to grow you to next level. Life changes. #SuperSoulSounday
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