Friday, 30 November 2012

Re: BBC Extra Guest, Jesse Lubinsky, and 46 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Love The One You're With
Today, as I was driving over the Tyne bridge I watched a woman slowly climb over the barrier. It was all in slow motion for me. Surely she was a workman – not a woman? I must be mistaken. The... · Tweet this story

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012: The Flipped Classroom
"Flipping the classroom" is hardly new. But with all the hype surrounding both Khan Academy and MOOCs, it's hardly surprising that the practice became incredibly popular this year. Indeed, in his 2011 TED Talk (which… · Tweet this story

12 Alternatives To Letter Grades In Education
From Few artifacts of formal learning are as iconic as the letter grade. What can I do to get an A? She's a C student. He's always gotten As and Bs in all… · Tweet this story

3 Easy Steps to Engaging Your Customers
Engagement Marketing: Learn how to strengthen engagement with existing customers, get more repeat sales and even more referrals. · Tweet this story

Using technology in the classroom the right way
One of the things that I see happen far too often is people stressing over how they are going to create lessons around the new piece of technology they hav · Tweet this story


Todd @ToddWhitaker 29 Nov
One question we need to ask every time we assign homework is, "What is the purpose of this assignment?" #nebedchat
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Stephen Fry @stephenfry 29 Nov
It would seem David Cameron's address is no longer Number 10 Downing Street: it's now Flat 2, Rupert Murdoch's arse. #leveson
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BBC Extra Guest @BBCExtraGuest 29 Nov
#bbcqt Do we have a free press? It's owned by a handful of millionaires, isn't it?That's what caused the problems in the first place.
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Lauren Woodman @laurenw_at_MS 29 Nov
Why do students give up with a "Fail" but engage with "Game Over?" Gaming in edu can change how we engage, assess & inspire #students #PILGF
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Anthony Heald @AntHeald 29 Nov
Differentiation subtly done by skilful teachers: neither they nor students are aware it's happening. Used to be called teaching. #ukedchat
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