Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Re: Ben McKenzie, Barend Blom, and 39 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

40+ Inspirational And Educational Quotes From Pinterest
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Badges Beware: 80% Of Gamification Apps Will End Up Being Losers, Says Gartner
After hype cometh the fall. Gamification -- the catch-all term for rewards, incentives and loyalty services -- has become a very popular way to get users engaged in an increasingly noisy world of apps and online life… · Tweet this story

Michigan Program Prepares Students for Common-Core Testing
Katie Ash is a staff writer for Education Week Digital Directions. · Tweet this story

How online challenges are helping to stretch student chemists
Dr Peter Wothers profiles the Cambridge Chemistry Competition - an initiative that aims to extend chemistry knowledge beyond the classroom · Tweet this story

5 Great Sites for Student Collaboration
Get students collaborating successfully and productively with one another with these great tools for electronic student collaboration · Tweet this story


Mark Robinson @robboma3 27 Nov
My bed is calling me
Retweeted by Alex Bellars, Drew Burrett and 50 others
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David Didau @LearningSpy 27 Nov
Has anyone marked the November entry for AQA GCSE English language? Please RT
Retweeted by Helene O'Shea, Kenny Pieper, Shaun Allison and 21 others
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Jane McGonigal @avantgame 27 Nov
women in games are sharing tonight #1reasonwhy there are so few women in games. check the hashtag.
Retweeted by Dan Bowen, Mathias Poulsen, George Station and 201 others
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Ben McKenzie @labcoatman 27 Nov
For a look into why women are still underrepresented in game design, check out the #1reasonwhy hashtag. The sexism of tech industry exposed.
Retweeted by Simfin, Dan Bowen, Tim Lepczyk and 721 others
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Aaron Paul @aaronpaul_8 27 Nov
I just finished reading the first episode of the final season of Breaking Bad and words can not express what I just experienced. Holy shit.
Retweeted by mhammons and 21419 others
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