Saturday, 17 November 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Schools 'wasting £450m a year' on useless gadgets
Millions of pounds worth of technology is "languishing unused" in school cupboards because teachers are being duped into buying the latest gadgets, according to research. · Tweet this story

10 Ways To Use Technology To Teach Writing
Here, we offer just a few tech-focused ways to help students learn grammar,and, most importantly, why good writing is so important to their futures. · Tweet this story

Flipping This Class: A Journey from Professor to Popularizer
I was an unusual little girl. Since I was four, I wanted to be a scientist. I got the idea from a television show called 3-2-1 Contact. From my experience, I learned that exposure to fun science is · Tweet this story

You must emulate and innovate to keep pace
The nature of education has moved on in high-performing nations; it's time the UK moved on too, says Andreas Schleicher of Pisa · Tweet this story

Is Michael Gove abdicating responsibility for education?
The stage is set for the wholesale sell-off of state education. · Tweet this story


Dustin Swanson @DustinSwanson 16 Nov
Great quote outside a classroom at Peacock. @AE_Peacock
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Dan Cohen @dancohen 16 Nov
25th anniversary of Matt Groening's spot-on comic strip describing "The 9 Types of College Teachers"… thx @audreywatters
Retweeted by Tad Suiter, Michelle Kassorla and 22 others
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Tom Varndell @Tom_Varndell 16 Nov
Alan Partridge commentates on Zlatan Ibrahimovic's goalazo against England 4-2
Retweeted by Johnnie Moore and 518 others
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JUANES @juanes 16 Nov
Quiero compartir con todos ustedes esta gran alegría, Disco del Año y Mejor Video Formato Largó ! Gracias a todos ! !
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Scott Kemp @kempscott 16 Nov
@davidwees Liz Murray says "It is only success when you've created opportunities for others." I think that is TRUE leadership. #leadership20
Retweeted by davidwees, dawnchan, Angela Angeli and 4 others
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