Friday, 23 November 2012

Re: Graham Linehan, Grid Jumper, and 40 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Schools face cuts to pay for £1bn academies overspend
Funding for struggling schools has been slashed to cover a £1bn overspend in the academies programme, a report reveals today. · Tweet this story

How Students Used Social Media To Help Others In Need
Students can use social media to help others in need. But when they do it all by themselves, that shows growth and even more. · Tweet this story

Science careers start with young girls
Mentorship programs provide elementary school students with female role models that counter myths about the faces of science · Tweet this story

An unexpected Olympic legacy: how to make marginal gains with your students
Inspired by Britain's cycling team Alex Quigley has developed a powerful tool to help teachers and pupils work towards outstanding results · Tweet this story

Technology Is Useless If It Doesn't Address A Human Need
Editor's NoteThe power of Silicon Valley is evident in almost everything we do. But is the drastic change that technology has wrought on modern life having an effect on the world of social entrepreneurship? · Tweet this story


Dan@designthinking @dandesignthink 22 Nov
I've visualised @TeacherToolkit five minute lesson plan ready to be stuck in planners for after Xmas
Retweeted by Andy Knill, Steve Bunce and 14 others
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James Theobald @JamesTheo 22 Nov
Please help me show the power of Twitter to GTPs at Chi Uni. Can you tell them what Twitter does for you, using #MyPLN hashtag? Pls RT too.
Retweeted by George Huthart, Helene O'Shea, Daniel Edwards and 23 others
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Darth Vader @DepressedDarth 22 Nov
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, be thankful you don't have to deal with this
Retweeted by Lisa D, MAEd , Don Rescigno and 1609 others
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Graham Linehan @Glinner 22 Nov
A shop in Blanchardstown, Dublin celebrates the birth of Chris (via @cathyB_80)
Retweeted by Stephen Fahey, Royst and 682 others
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JGorcesky_Artsedtech @ArtsEdTech 22 Nov
Student creates 3d model of ancient Egypt with Minecraft
Retweeted by Grid Jumper and Jeremy Reid
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