Thursday, 29 November 2012

Re: Lucas Gillispie, Peter Aguiar, and 38 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Student Blogs: Learning to Write in Digital Spaces
Tweet Student blogging is not a project, but a process. We are continuously striving to refine, improve and re-evaluate. As I am meeting with teachers individually, I can't stress enough the importance of READING other… · Tweet this story

A Few Math Questions That US College Students Can't Answer
If you can do basic subtraction, you might just be more math-savvy than a lot U.S. college students. A new research paper looks at the mathematical prowess of the roughly 50 percent of community… · Tweet this story

Excellent Teacher Tips on The Use of Google Plus in Education
Some blame it for being a Facebook clone, but for me Google+ is way better than Facebook. The things we can do with it in education can not be done using Facebook. The purpose of this post is not to make a comparison… · Tweet this story

Grades Limit My Learning (Guest Post by Student Justin Strudler)
We all stress ourselves out to memorize the formulas. We all have had that cram night before the final. We all BS homework at the last second so as not to "get a zero". We all use Spark Notes. We a... · Tweet this story

Education Rethink: I Say I'm Tired, But . . .
I am not a social media expert. I don't pretend to know the best way to gain 25,000 followers in a year. I cringe at the term "branding,"... What's wrong with this picture? Uncle Sam towers over the student, looming… · Tweet this story


Claire Nicholas @mrsnicholas82 28 Nov
@TeacherToolkit got outstanding for my observation today!! #5minplan
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Fun Programming @fun_pro 28 Nov
When we produce eLearning content, we should see ourselves as film makers, not as reporters #oeb12
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Steve Wheeler @timbuckteeth 28 Nov
Constant assessment of children is the equivalent to regularly uprooting plants to see how they are growing.
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John Spencer @johntspencer 28 Nov
It's understandable when a teacher is reluctant to use new strategies when things are still being assessed factory-style #edchat
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Dana Sirotiak @Sirotiak02 28 Nov
@wkrakower Making his NY 1 debut. #edcampnj #edcamp
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