Wednesday, 7 November 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Head teacher found dead at school
A head teacher found dead at her school in Worcestershire is believed to have taken her own life. · Tweet this story

The Educator's Guide to Google Calendar
"How do I add an Events Calendar?" is a question we' re commonly asked. The answer's simple ….use a Google Calendar! Accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device, Google Calendar allows you to easily add / edit / delete… · Tweet this story

7 Great Bibliography and Citation Tools for Students
Yesterday while we were working on the post entitled 5 Great Learning Tools for students and as we reviewed EasyBib, we decided to include here a post that would feature a list of some important bibliography and… · Tweet this story

12 Trends Impacting the Evolution of Digital Content
I'm speaking this afternoon about the evolution of digital content at an event hosted by Education's Digital Future, a center at Stanford. · Tweet this story

The role of technology in global learning
Nick Morrison explores how schools are using video conferencing, chatrooms, picture messaging, blogging and more to connect with schools in other countries · Tweet this story


David Didau @LearningSpy 06 Nov
Not seen this Fixed vs Growth mindset animation before:… Pretty cool!
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BBC Sporf @BBCSporf 06 Nov
RESPECT: A comparison between Manchester City starting XI & Ajax starting XI, this is how football teams should be run.
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Nate Silver @fivethirtyeight 06 Nov
IMPORTANT: That we have Obama as a ~90% favorite does NOT mean we're predicting a landslide. We expect a close election.
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Che Garman @AffirmYourLife 06 Nov
Always learn the rules so you can break them properly. - Dalai Lama
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davidfawcett @davidfawcett27 06 Nov
Developing literacy in PE by analysing articles for our British Cycling #PBL project. Pulling out detail, terminology..
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