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The 6 Best Online Bibliography Tools, 10 Wonderful New Web Tools for Teachers, The 5 Positive Powers ofSelf-Doubt, The Educators Guide to Google Calendar, How Flashcards Actually Work (Or Do They?), Education Can Learn From Games, Glass Walls transparency in teaching and learning, My Son is Afraid to Read, Carnegie Mellon Takes Online Courses to Another Level with Its Open Learning Initiative, 15 Ways to Give Back to Your Community, Our Own LittleEDCAMP, Free Testing and Quizzing Tools for Online Education, The Bill Gates Challenge, What Obama victory means for higher education, Why Tablets Are Important for Educating Our Children | GeekDad
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The 6 Best Online Bibliography Tools  ❘   Shared by Edudemic, Eric Sheninger and 1 other
If helping your students write papers is a part of your school day, you probably already know that there are enough issues to focus on without having to spend a lot of time teaching your students how to build a bibliography and correctly cite their...
Edudemic Eric Sheninger John Goldsmith
10 Wonderful New Web Tools for Teachers  ❘   Shared by Diana Dell, Ph.D, Ella Bowling and 1 other
Diana Dell, Ph.D Ella Bowling Jenn StewartMitchell
The 5 Positive Powers of Self-Doubt  ❘   Shared by Deb Mills-Scofield and Lolly Daskal
If you grapple with self-doubt, keep reading. If you don't grapple with it, you're dangerous. Experts sing, "Believe in yourself," However, unquestioned self-belief produces self-serving leaders who won't adapt. Tom Petty captures the experience of...
Deb Mills-Scofield Lolly Daskal
The Educator’s Guide to Google Calendar  ❘   Shared by We Inspire Futures and Brad Ovenell-Carter
Post navigation Modified on November 6, 2012 by Sue Waters "How do I add an Events Calendar?" is a question we're commonly asked. The answer's simple….use a Google Calendar! Accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device, Google Calendar allows you to...
We Inspire Futures Brad Ovenell-Carter
How Flashcards Actually Work (Or Do They?)  ❘   Shared by Mihail Gavrilov and Edudemic
Whether you're a student on the night before a big exam or a teacher hoping to cram a presentation into your brain, you are probably using flashcards. A tried-and-true way to cram, flashcards have been all the rage for generations. Personally, I used...
Mihail Gavrilov Edudemic
Education Can Learn From Games  ❘   Shared by Dean Groom and David Warlick
What can we learn from games to improve our classrooms? Games are carefully and intentionally designed environments that create flow: the balance between challenge and progress. Great games are challenging, but not too difficult, and thus not boring.
Dean Groom David Warlick
Glass Walls – transparency in teaching and learning  ❘   Shared by Simfin and Nicki Wise
Today I have finished marking my assessed writing from the end of last term. Most of my class have made a minimum of 3 pts progress since I baselined them in September. This isn't that remarkable as most of them had dipped after the summer so many of...
 Simfin Nicki Wise
My Son is Afraid to Read  ❘   Shared by Laurie Renton and Carrie Jackson
November 6, 2012 by jendacott My son, who I will call Cooper because that is his name, isn't really afraid to read. He loves reading. The title of this entry is purposefully over the top because I want you to read it and because I'm willing to bet...
Laurie Renton Carrie Jackson
Carnegie Mellon Takes Online Courses to Another Level with Its Open Learning Initiative  ❘   Shared by Mark Smithers and Claudia Pozzobon
in Education , Online Courses | November 7th, 2012 Leave a Comment Open online courses— massive or otherwise—are revolutionizing higher education by making learning more and more accessible. Carnegie Mellon University has taken online courses to...
Mark Smithers Claudia Pozzobon
15 Ways to Give Back to Your Community  ❘   Shared by Daniel Zeevi and DASHBURST
Posted 11/07/12 in how to , oddfeatures One of the best experiences that you can have as a college student would be giving back to your community. This doesn't only entail volunteering; there are so many ways that we can give back, yet we don't...
Daniel Zeevi DASHBURST
Our Own Little EDCAMP  ❘   Shared by Ms. L. Hall and Mrs. Jee
"I don't get it." We heard this comment from more than one teacher when describing EDCAMP leading up to our November 2nd school-based professional learning day. Some of them were having a hard time wrapping their brain around the concept, and...
Ms. L. Hall Mrs. Jee
Free Testing and Quizzing Tools for Online Education  ❘   Shared by Mercedes Kamijo and Bill Brannick
Christopher Pappas Christopher Pappas is the Founder and Owner of the Instructional Design and eLearning Professionals' Group (33K+), which is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning Industry at LinkedIn. He's also...
Mercedes Kamijo Bill Brannick
The Bill Gates Challenge  ❘   Shared by Luann ChristensenLee and Diane Ravitch
Now that Bill Gates and his billionaire buddies have managed to buy a law authorizing charter schools in Washington State, over the objection of virtually every education-related group in the state, almost every parent association, local school...
Luann ChristensenLee Diane Ravitch
What Obama victory means for higher education  ❘   Shared by Scorebusters and Miguel Angel Perez A
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Scorebusters Miguel Angel Perez A
Why Tablets Are Important for Educating Our Children | GeekDad  ❘   Shared by Eric Sheninger and ENA
The other night I was at a information evening at my children's school here in Melbourne, Australia. The evening was being held by the senior primary teachers and the school principal to discuss their research into running a 1:1 iPad program for the Grade 5 and 6 students next year (that is roughly ages 11 and 12 here in Australia). I'd been asked to say a few words, as a parent, but also as someone the principal knew worked primarily in and around education technology. I am a fan of technology in education, but definitely not a techevangelist; he wanted me to talk about the potential. I said I would, but I also wanted to talk about the dangers. As it turned out - I spoke about neither.
Eric Sheninger ENA
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