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A Look At Google's Massive Library Of Free Lesson Plans, Why I try to follow every teacher I can on Twitter, NJED Disaster Relief, How Twitter ChangedEverything, Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say, 6 Excellent Gradebook Tools for Teachers, How technology is helping students teach themselves, Remind101 Unveils Long-Awaited iOS App, DEAR APPLE: I'm Leaving You, 7 Powerful Ways to Clear Your Path toSuccess, Schools, Some Relocated, Will Reopen Monday, Let Your Students Vote, Edcanvas Easily Create Rich Multimedia Lessons for your Class, US university accused of 'Sovietisation' of Catholic intellectual life, What the mindsees
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A Look At Google's Massive Library Of Free Lesson Plans  ❘   Shared by Eye On Education, Phil Dawson and 6 others
Did you know that Google offers a sortable library of lesson plans that are free to download and use? It's part of the company's big push into education (seems to be quite the trend these days) and involves thousands of free lesson plans just waiting...
Eye On Education Phil Dawson Edudemic Linda Lindsay Joyce Valenza Lucas Gillispie Beth T. Sigall Ray Appel
Why I try to follow every teacher I can on Twitter  ❘   Shared by Kevin Honeycutt, Aviva Dunsiger and 3 others
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Kevin Honeycutt Aviva Dunsiger Margoflower Alfonso Gonzalez Dwight Carter
NJED Disaster Relief  ❘   Shared by Robert Hans, Donna Román and 3 others
The mission of TeacherCast is to create an environment for educators to have access to resources for Professional Development.
Robert Hans Donna Román Kay's Tweets Travis Burns, Ed.D. Krystina Valdes
How Twitter Changed Everything  ❘   Shared by Ken Young, Tom Whitby and 2 others
October 31, 2012 I have alluded to the difference Twitter has made to my professional growth before. I thought I would take time to write a blog that strictly addresses what it has done for me. First of all, it has connected me with a group of...
Ken Young Tom Whitby Irene Becker Eric Sheninger
Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say  ❘   Shared by Stephen Morris, Edudemic and 2 others
There is a widespread belief among teachers that digital technology is hampering students' attention spans and ability to persevere, according to two surveys.
Stephen Morris Edudemic Cathy Koos Urbanlad
6 Excellent Gradebook Tools for Teachers  ❘   Shared by Mario Addesa, Lisa Belfield and 1 other
Mario Addesa Lisa Belfield Tibshirani
How technology is helping students teach themselves  ❘   Shared by Emilia Carrillo, Amy Burvall and 1 other
Mobile technology and social networks aren't just disruptive to existing industries like communications and media, they are also helping the change the way that students learn and how education is delivered both in North America and around the world. And the disruption is just beginning.
Emilia Carrillo Amy Burvall Helen S T
Remind101 Unveils Long-Awaited iOS App  ❘   Shared by Kevin Tame, Edudemic and 1 other
One of the most popular web tools being used in classrooms today is not necessarily about learning. It's about communication. Remind101 is a free way for teachers to communicate via text message to parents and students using the custom reminder...
Kevin Tame Edudemic welearnmore
DEAR APPLE: I'm Leaving You  ❘   Shared by Tero Toivanen, RJ Jacquez and 1 other
Ed Conway Ed Conway URL Ed Conway is the economics editor for Sky News. He also writes a personal blog called The Real Economy Recent Posts The Real Economy Here's a map of the LSE's "Mafia… Despite Heseltine Report the south's… Dear Apple,...
Tero Toivanen RJ Jacquez Brycen Dwayne Janzen
7 Powerful Ways to Clear Your Path to Success  ❘   Shared by Deb Mills-Scofield and Lolly Daskal
It's easy to point out mistakes and problems. Offering solutions is another matter. A Leadership Freak contributor writes on yesterday's article , "I was hoping for the "how not to make these mistakes" version of "The Top Mistake of Team-Leaders."...
Deb Mills-Scofield Lolly Daskal
Schools, Some Relocated, Will Reopen Monday  ❘   Shared by Andrew Campbell and JosieHolford
Hurricane Sandy severely damaged 44 buildings that house public schools in New York City, forcing some students to attend class at other locations.
Andrew Campbell JosieHolford
Let Your Students Vote  ❘   Shared by Pearson Foundation and Education Week
Our students need to be college, career , and citizenship ready. There is no better opportunity to teach our students the core of citizenship in a democracy than to involve them in the election process. Voting is a fundamental right and should be...
Pearson Foundation Education Week
Edcanvas Easily Create Rich Multimedia Lessons for your Class  ❘   Shared by isteconnects and Mario Addesa
isteconnects Mario Addesa
US university accused of 'Sovietisation' of Catholic intellectual life  ❘   Shared by Homeschool DB and TheEduCast (Bill)
University of San Diego rescinded visiting fellow invitation to liberal theologian who has argued case for same-sex marriage
Homeschool DB TheEduCast (Bill)
What the mind sees  ❘   Shared by Terry Freedman and Aniya
It is interesting, isn't it, how the mind can play tricks on you? A couple of days ago I had proof of either working too hard or of working too hard on one particular thing. I've recently been looking at Bring Your Own Technology and mobile learning...
Terry Freedman Aniya
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