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Everyone wants a slice of Raspberry Pi, EBacc Alternative: One System for All; Excellence forAll, The Fallacy of Good Grades, UK teachers paid by offshore firm, The iPad Mini Costs $141 More Than Its Components..., 20 Surprising Social Media Stats For 2012, George Lucas Will Donate Disney $4 Billion To Education, Innovations in Education, How to Have Life ChangingConversations, iPad pilot: Year Two, Saturday Kitchen, #SLTchat: Halloween special, I Love Free Software3 Free Super Mario Games For PC Download, Grammar school tests to be made 'tutor-proof', Free Technology for Teachers: The FemTech Project: Sharing the Stories of Women in Technology
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Everyone wants a slice of Raspberry Pi  ❘   Shared by Josie Fraser, briankotts and 1 other
The £25 computer invented by a British foundation has turned into a global sensation. Its creators want to use it to teach children how to write code – but will it just end up in the hands of nerds? Miranda Sawyer reports
Josie Fraser briankotts Steve Bomford
EBacc Alternative: One System for All; Excellence for All  ❘   Shared by Tom Sherrington, Rolf and 1 other
In order to contribute to the debate about the assessment framework that might replace GCSEs and A levels,  I would like to put forward an alternative. Here is the pdf:  The English Baccalaureate Framework . I envisage a system where the vast...
Tom Sherrington Rolf Mr B Solly
The Fallacy of Good Grades  ❘   Shared by John Goldsmith, George Couros and 1 other
Despite a strong body of research on the value of internal strengths, we continue to measure kids using standardized, quantitative tests. Why? Because skills like critical thinking, curiosity, and collaboration are much more difficult to measure...
John Goldsmith George Couros Dr. Price-Mitchell
UK teachers paid by offshore firm  ❘   Shared by Joe Wilson, Ian Yorston and 1 other
An offshore company employing thousands of teachers is avoiding the payment of millions of pounds in employer's National Insurance contributions. ISS Ltd, based in the Channel Islands, employs more than 24,000 temporary agency workers across the...
Joe Wilson Ian Yorston davegarland
The iPad Mini Costs $141 More Than Its Components...  ❘   Shared by Leslie Whittington, Lisa Dabbs and 1 other
The iPad Mini Costs $141 More Than Its Components Add Up To By Brian Barrett According to a teardown by IHS, renowned estimator of how much companies actually pay for components, Apple's iPad Mini carries a $188 cost of materials. You know how...
Leslie Whittington Lisa Dabbs Jaime Vandergrift
20 Surprising Social Media Stats For 2012  ❘   Shared by Laura Pasquini, Arjana Blazic and 1 other
Social media has been seeing quite the boom in terms of, well, every aspect of your life. But just how many people are actually using LinkedIn? How many blogs are there? Who uses Google+ and why? A new infographic spells it all out in a fun scrolling...
Laura Pasquini Arjana Blazic Edudemic
George Lucas Will Donate Disney $4 Billion To Education  ❘   Shared by Scott Newcomb, Lisa Dawley and 1 other
George Lucas is ensuring that the force may be with young Jedis everywhere. The "Star Wars" director will donate the $4.05 billion he will receive from the sale of Lucasfilm Ltd. to Disney to a foundation focused on education, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Scott Newcomb Lisa Dawley Bill Selak
Innovations in Education  ❘   Shared by olekroll, Katie Jones and 1 other
Recently, one of the teachers who is participating in our district's 21 st Century Learning grant project came to talk with me about assessing 21 century skills – one of the expectations for teachers in this project. Her observation was that students...
olekroll Katie Jones Susan M. Bearden
How to Have Life Changing Conversations  ❘   Shared by Lolly Daskal and Deb Mills-Scofield
Well timed, well executed conversation change people's lives. Your job is bringing out the best in others by the way you interact with them. First: Determine and affirm aspirations and goals. Never have conversations about an individual's life,...
Lolly Daskal Deb Mills-Scofield
iPad pilot: Year Two  ❘   Shared by Sue Waters and edublogs
iPad pilot: Year Two November 3, 2012 · No Comments · Web 2.0 In their most recent issue, School Library Journal featured our iPad pilot in the article,  iPads for Everyone .   As we are entering year two of a 1:1 deployment, I notice interesting...
Sue Waters edublogs
Saturday Kitchen  ❘   Shared by Alex Bellars and Geoff Barton
Me: I love metaphors. In fact, last year I read a brilliant book by James Geary called I Is An Other . It was all about metaphors. Metaphors help us to understand the world, to explain it, to come to terms with its intricacies and mysteries. We're...
Alex Bellars Geoff Barton
#SLTchat: Halloween special  ❘   Shared by TeacherToolkit and Angela Angeli
sltchat #SLTchat (Senior Leadership Team Chat) – open to: 1. all those currently in school leadership across the UK. 2. for those who aspire to be in a school leadership team/position and, 3. for anyone who is...
TeacherToolkit Angela Angeli
I Love Free Software3 Free Super Mario Games For PC Download  ❘   Shared by DASHBURST and Daniel Zeevi
Here is a list of 3 free Super Mario games to download on PC and play for free. The list consists of Mario Forever, Mari0 , and Super Mario War . This list of free Super Mario games is particularly for Mario fans. Mario is a popular and famous...
DASHBURST Daniel Zeevi
Grammar school tests to be made 'tutor-proof'  ❘   Shared by UK Education Matters and GiftedPhoenix
The education authority with the highest number of grammar schools, Kent county council, has now ordered a review of its test, which was taken by 11,500 children this year. Among the ideas the review will consider is whether selection should be...
UK Education Matters GiftedPhoenix
Free Technology for Teachers: The FemTech Project: Sharing the Stories of Women in Technology  ❘   Shared by David Kapuler and Lisa Dabbs
David Kapuler Lisa Dabbs
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