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30 Dr. Seuss Quotes You Should Never Forget
There's an important message hidden in nearly all Dr. Seuss quotes. From the Cat in the Hat to Horton and his Who, these quotes are just for you. · Tweet this story

Educational Technology
Like many others, I find blogging a useful activity. So useful, in fact, that I think everyone inv... · Tweet this story

27 Ways To Publish Student Thinking
Publishing student thinking can be among the most powerful ways to improve learning. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the biggest reason is that the "threat" of publishing moves the lodestone from the… · Tweet this story

A Creative Curriculum fit for 2013 and Beyond
"A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron." Horace Mann Recently I came across a beautifully written ode to creativity wri... · Tweet this story

iPads in Education: 2 Tricks that Every Teacher Should Know!
You Are Here: Home» Featured» iPads in Education: 2 Tricks that Every Teacher Should Know! It is winter break across the nation, and I thought I would us this time to deliver a gift to those teachers who have been… · Tweet this story


Mrs Thorne @MrsThorne 28 Dec
Mindset by Carol Dweck is only 99p on Kindle in the Amazon sale - an utter bargain! Go and buy it now.
Retweeted by Ian Simpson, Claire Doherty, Alex Quigley and 13 others
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Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist 28 Dec
Help me out? My biggest inspiration of the year is @Pekabelo who only needs 20 more followers to hit 1K. Follow & give an RT would you? #FF
Retweeted by Sheli Blackburn, Martin Burrett, Deputy E and 8 others
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Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1 28 Dec
PLN: Need to connect with a high school teacher in Northern Arizona. Do you know of any? Thanks
Retweeted by Martin Burrett, Gail LeGrand, Laurie Renton and 4 others
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Tom Whitby @tomwhitby 28 Dec
The #FF hashtag is used on tweets that recommend good Ppl to follow on Twitter. #FollowFriday Recs: Make'm & Take'm #Edchat
Retweeted by Tom Murray, Jana Scott Lindsay and 3 others
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PEANUTS @Snoopy 28 Dec
Who's watching Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!? It starts NOW :)
Retweeted by Michele Rehder and 190 others
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