Friday, 7 December 2012

Re: Digital Maverick, Cari Teske, and 40 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

How the Flipped Classroom Turned Me into a Better Student
My first two years of high school were a continuous struggle. I wasn't very engaged during class, had a difficult time doing my homework, and was unable to get help from my parents because they didn't know the material… · Tweet this story

How Twitter can help teachers connect with students -- and each other
This post was written by Liz Perman, an editorial project manager for SmartBrief. Hundreds of educators from international schools around the world came t · Tweet this story

SmartBoard, Make Way for Educreations
Julia Hum/Educreations One of the biggest, fastest shifts in ed tech the last couple years has been the evolution from the use of large interactive w · Tweet this story

Tim Cook's Freshman Year: The Apple CEO Speaks
In his most wide-ranging interview since succeeding Steve Jobs, Tim Cook talks about how the company now works, the view that he's "robotic," and the return of Apple manufacturing to the U.S. · Tweet this story

What Teachers Need to Know about Flipped Classroom
Just a reminder for those who are not yet familiar with Flipped classroom. This is basically a new approach to instruction. Teachers , instead of giving lectures in the classroom, record and sh are video lectures with… · Tweet this story


Fill Werrell @FillWerrell 06 Dec
Retweeted by Brady Johnson and 3664 others
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Kenny Pieper @kennypieper 06 Dec
Help me out for #pedagooxmasparty Promise to contribute to #PedagooFriday and give me something to shout about on Saturday.
Retweeted by David Terron, islayian, Helene O'Shea and 7 others
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Stephen Fry @stephenfry 06 Dec
RT @deannacoreilly " Possibly the best advert for marriage equality I have ever seen!… " Utterly brilliant! Thank you!!
Retweeted by Michelle MoloneyKing and 722 others
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Tom Waits (ANTI-) @tomwaits 06 Dec
Congrats to Tom on his GRAMMY nomination for 'Bad As Me' in the Alternative Album of the Year category.
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Lindsey Rogers @lnrogers415 06 Dec
@NathanFillion I must say... I really love this
Retweeted by Guillaume Leclerc and 381 others
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