Sunday, 2 December 2012

Re: Geoff Barton, Microsoft TeachTec, and 45 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

The Tempered Radical
Poking through my feed reader last weekend, I stumbled across a provocative Chris Wejr bit questioning whether or not social spaces were becoming nothing more than online popularity contests where people spend more time… · Tweet this story

12 Excellent Creativity Resources for Teachers
One of the strengths of organized bookmarking is that after a certain amount of time you end up having a directory of great articles and resources. I do a lot of bookmarking everyday and I have more than twenty… · Tweet this story

Secret Teacher: we can't be outstanding everyday, so why judge us on that?
Outstanding lessons are nigh on impossible to deliver on a daily basis, so why are we judging our teachers and schools by them? · Tweet this story

#EdcampNJ @ USTREAM: Live conversations from #edcampNJ Feed #3. Hosted at Linwood Middle School in North Brunswick, NJ. 7:30am-3:45pm EST #njed #edcamp . E... · Tweet this story

Hackathons Spawn New Ed Tech Tools
Let's face it; if you are serious about jumping into the edtech world and you are lucky enough to live around a tech hub, then it's likely you've heard of hackathons. These events offer an opportunity to meet hungry… · Tweet this story


Harrison @HarrisonTF 01 Dec
Wowzers!! You think its cold where you live? @alizasherman lives in #alaska
Retweeted by Digital Maverick, Alex Bellars, Linda Lapere and 1 others
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Geoff Barton @RealGeoffBarton 01 Dec
Yesterday I observed the best Maths lesson I've ever seen - students 100% engaged, motivated, learning lots. Pic:
Retweeted by John Tomsett, Deputy E, David Obst and 15 others
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BrainPOP @brainpop 01 Dec
Live from Prague for @MicrosoftPIL #PILGF @karistubbs talks to teachers about leveraging online games for learning
Retweeted by Microsoft TeachTec, Julia Skinner and 7 others
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OEI @EspacioOEI 01 Dec
Hoy 1 de diciembre es un buen día para seguir a @LucesparaAprend Te lo vamos a agradecer. En caso de que nos sigas puedes hacer un RT.
Retweeted by Isabel Etayo, IBERTIC and 19 others
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Digi the Duck @digiwrimo 01 Dec
[nuzzle] @brackett_j: A little late, but a BIG SHOUT OUT to @Jessifer & @slamteacher for setting #digiwrimo in motion #awesomesauce
Retweeted by KevinHodgson, anna smith and 5 others
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