Thursday, 13 December 2012

Re:  Mark Anderson, Oakland Schools, and 45 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
Here's what's happening on Twitter
  Nick Chater

Zeitgeist 2012
1.2 trillion searches. 146 languages. See what the world searched for. · Tweet this story

Numbers Can Lie: What TIMSS and PISA Truly Tell Us, if Anything?
Creative, Entrepreneurial, and Global: 21st Century Education "America's Woeful Public Schools: TIMSS Sheds Light on the Need for Systemic Reform" [1] "Competitors Still Beat U.S. in Tests" [2] "U.S. students continue… · Tweet this story

12/12/12 Is Here: How to Celebrate the Century's Last Repeating Date
For those who like to get a bit nerdy with their numbers, one of the century's most significant dates is approaching. Wednesday is 12/12/12, the last of the great repeating date... · Tweet this story

Are we preparing students for life?
We are preparing our students for life. I hear so many educators use this sentence when asked, what is the purpose of education? Many years ago I believed that to be true as well. Maybe many genera... · Tweet this story

Infographic: How Does Digital Learning Contribute to Deeper Learning?
Getting Smart® today launched "How Digital Learning Contributes to Deeper Learning," a white paper that examines how key aspects of personal digital learning – common standards, next-generation assessments, blended… · Tweet this story


Sesame Street @sesamestreet 12 Dec
Today is most definitely brought to you by the number 12.
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Rowan Atkinson @OfficalMrBean 12 Dec
01/01/01, 02/02/02, 03/03/03, 04/04/04, 05/05/05, 06/06/06, 07/07/07, 08/08/08, 09/09/09, 10/10/10, 11/11/11, 12/12/12. Today's the last.
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David Didau @LearningSpy 12 Dec
Trying to convince trainee of the efficacy of Twitter for CPD purposes. Can you lend a hand? Pls RT
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Super Work! @Super_Work 12 Dec
I've asked this before, but are there any teachers who LIKE Gove or agree with anything he stands for? Serious answers only, pls. #ukedchat
Retweeted by Drew Thomson, Dorothy Lepkowska,  Mark Anderson and 6 others
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Benedict XVI @Pontifex 12 Dec
Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart.
Retweeted by Tomi Toivio and 51093 others
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