Tuesday, 4 December 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Vote Here!
To vote for your favorites just choose the category below you want to vote in, who you want to vote for and then click 'Vote'. You can vote in as many categories as you want per day! Please note only one vote per…
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Great Resources and Tools for Teaching Using Comic Strips
Comic strips and cartoons are great learning and teaching materials. Students love them and you can see the excitement in their eyes the moment they know they are included in their lesson. Well, think of yourself when…
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New primary school curriculum 'riddled with errors'
The Coalition has been accused of inserting a host of factual mistakes and misconceptions into its proposed new curriculum for primary school children.
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Why is Whirlwind Gove acting so fast?
By dismantling educational infrastructure at such a speed, Gove is ensuring that his successors as Education Secretary will struggle to reverse what he's done.
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Teachers who quit 'up by a fifth'
The number of teachers who quit their jobs in English state schools rose by almost a fifth in one year, according to government figures.
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Raspberry Pi @Raspberry_Pi 03 Dec
An American just emailed us to inform us that we can't spell the word "colour" properly. Bless.
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Pasi Sahlberg @pasi_sahlberg 03 Dec
Finland is spending most of its education budget on teachers and students. Many other countries spend more on bureaucracy and testing.
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David Southwell @cultauthor 03 Dec
#Essex - Estuary Morning instagr.am/p/SyjpgAmz_I/
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Aki Puustinen @apuustin 03 Dec
Tähti on syttynyt ! #vvop2012 pic.twitter.com/nHFdo9Mc
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tomstafford @tomstafford 03 Dec
I love the smell of a significant correlation after performing empirical research motivated by sound theoretical principles in the morning
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