Saturday, 5 January 2013

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  Nick Chater

Twitter as a Curation Tool
Tweet I have written and spoken extensively about the use of Twitter in education: as one social network tool to connect, collaborate and amplify (Seven Degrees of Connectedness, Upgrade & Ampl... · Tweet this story

Teens Without Internet Are 'Educationally Disadvantaged'
A new study shows that teens who use the Internet for social and educational reasons are better off than those who don't. · Tweet this story

Top 10 don'ts for wannabe teacher bloggers
Blogger, head and physics teacher Tom Sherrington offers his tips and guidance for getting into blogging · Tweet this story

7 Fun Ways to Use QR Codes In Education
My students absolutely love using those black and white boxes in their activities. It's beyond simple (and fun) to deploy QR codes in education. · Tweet this story

Four Free Assessment Apps for 1:1 Classrooms
One-to-one technology can transform a classroom. When implemented correctly, students are engaged and excited to learn, and teachers can assess their progress in real-time. The amount of technology · Tweet this story


Michael French @Michael_French 04 Jan
Games industry folk! I need names of some new UK games start-ups (with no product released yet) for a piece I am writing. Suggestions?
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Alain de Botton @alaindebotton 04 Jan
Getting to the top has an unfortunate tendency to persuade people that the system is OK after all.
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Professor Snape @_Snape_ 04 Jan
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Darth Vader @DepressedDarth 04 Jan
When Chewbacca gets chocolate stuck in his fur, he becomes a chocolate chip Wookiee.
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Bill Burkhead @NormandinBill 04 Jan
Consider this: teachers: if school was optional would students take your class? Admin: if teachers did hiring would they hire you? #edchat
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