Friday, 11 January 2013

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  Nick Chater

UK still has 13,000 monochrome TVs
More than 13,000 households across the UK are still using black-and-white television sets, according to the TV Licensing authority. · Tweet this story

Infographic: Applying Bloom's Taxonomy in Your Classroom
Assessing Critical Thinking in Middle and High Schools: Meeting the Common Core, by Rebecca Stobaugh is a practical, very effective resource for midd... · Tweet this story

Lesson Planning Using The Four Critical Questions
Details Written by Mark Clements If your school operates as a Professional Learning Community, chances are you're very familiar with the Four Critical Questions originally developed by Rick DuFour. They're essential… · Tweet this story

eLearning Guild Research: Come On In, the Tools Are Grrrrrreat!
Your Source for Learning Technology, Strategy, and News One of the hallmarks of working in the eLearning world is our tools. The eLearning Guild's What's Changing in Your (Work) World? research report, which evaluated… · Tweet this story

Seth's Blog
Initiating a project, a blog, a wikipedia article, a family journey--these are things that don't come naturally to many people. The challenge is in initiating something even when you're not putatively in charge. Not… · Tweet this story


Owen Jones @OwenJones84 10 Jan
On Tuesday MPs voted to make the poor poorer. They're now calling for 32% pay rise. It's difficult to find a word expressing enough disgust
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Benjamin Lee @benfraserlee 10 Jan
Best dad ever
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うさぎの画像botさん @usagipic_bot 10 Jan
お友達になろうよ #usagipic
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Nathan Sykes @NathanTheWanted 10 Jan
You guys spent hours working hard so we could win. We will now work day and night to give you the music you deserve. This award is for you!
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irl dakota fanning @catches_stars 10 Jan
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