Sunday, 6 January 2013

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

100 Amazing Social Media Statistics, Facts And Figures 2012 – infographic
100 Amazing Social Media Statistics, Facts And Figures 2012 Did you know that there are · Tweet this story

Check Out The First Concept Design For iPhone 6
An Italian designer imagines the iPhone 6 as looking more like the iPod Nano. · Tweet this story

Why So Many Schools Remain Penitentiaries of Boredom
Educational leaders have to have the courage to reinvent our schools for real this time. And our teachers must be teachers of children as well as teachers of their subject area. · Tweet this story

The Tempered Radical
Blogger's Note: This has the potential to be an uncomfortable conversation, y'all, and I'm not sure that my thoughts are completely polished yet. Hope you will respect this for what it is: Transparent first-draft… · Tweet this story

Seth's Blog
This might not work. I didn't realize how tired I was until I started driving away from the Icarus launch event on Wednesday. Since June, I've been working flat out on creating the four books that were part of the... · Tweet this story


Markus Persson @notch 05 Jan
So I tried this Omegle thing.
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Tom Murray @thomascmurray 05 Jan
I learn more on Twitter in one week than I did in ANY grad course, which by the way, I paid for. Who's with me? #edtech #edchat #satchat
Retweeted by M Pacansky-Brock,  Sean Junkins, Dr.Roz Linder and 51 others
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Tiffany Danielle @kweenie 05 Jan
Professor Layton gives the worst advice.
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Daniel Edwards @syded06 05 Jan
Small favour :) Why do people use twitter in education? Please respond using the hashtag #jhgs and RT if possible (Training session on Mon!)
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Tony Heugh @standardman 05 Jan
Well, this hits home.
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