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Digital Leaders – Why you need them in your school? (Plus a few tips on how to get started)
Students are curious. Without this curiosity, I don't believe a Digital Leader programme would be so successful. Show them something they are interested in and they want to know more. If they... · Tweet this story

10 Great Ed Tech Guides for Teachers
Effective integration of technology into education entails from us to be constantly updated about the novelties in the world of educational technology and it also requires us to have a solid network o f like-mined… · Tweet this story

Top 10 Good Tech Habits Everyone Should Have
You've probably heard people tell you should back up your computer, or you should have more secure passwords. Good tech habits aren't just for geeks—they can save you money, keep your personal… · Tweet this story

Infographic: Six Skills to Reduce the Risk and Increase the Promise of Your Students
In Reducing the Risk, Increasing the Promise: Strategies for Student Success, Sherrel Bergmann and Judith Allen Brough provide a clear path to foll... · Tweet this story

Is this a cheap plastic shuttlecock I see before me?
So this all started when I read this genius tweet from genius @nicnacraph: This piqued my interest (curiosity may have killed the cat, but in between all of the gory felinicide it finds plenty of time to prod me into a… · Tweet this story


Will Richardson @willrich45 26 Jan
We don't support or nurture risk taking by students in school. We have a well worn path to "success"; don't tolerate much deviation. #educon
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Meshendia Dampier @meshendia 26 Jan
This could be useful in the classroom
Retweeted by Andrew Field, Steven Clarke and 32 others
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Jon Tait @TeamTait 26 Jan
Want to explore how to use QR codes in your classroom? Watch my guide & share it with your staff
Retweeted by Shaun Allison, Mike Gunn and 3 others
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David Didau @LearningSpy 26 Jan
Does anyone have information on how important the presentation of work in students' books is to Ofsted? Pls RT
Retweeted by Drew Thomson, Andy Knill, Sway Grantham and 16 others
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William Stites @wstites 26 Jan
This is great… "To subvert a system you must deeply understand it first." #educon25
Retweeted by Wesley Fryer, Ph.D., Kristen Swanson, Carolyn Durley and 8 others
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