Wednesday, 9 January 2013

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25 Signs You Might Be A 21st Century Teacher
You think of clouds as good things. You check twitter for news. And only twitter. The blogosphere is more relevant a term than the stratosphere. You spent more this year on iPad peripherals than you have pencils and… · Tweet this story

Sony Unveils World's First 4K OLED TV
Sony is combining OLED and 4K technologies into one 56-inch prototype TV. · Tweet this story

Earth-sized planets 'number 17bn'
An analysis of planet candidates suggests at least one in six stars in the night sky hosts an Earth-sized planet - 17 billion in total. · Tweet this story

Qualcomm's insane CES 2013 keynote in pictures and tweets
2013 was the first time in many years that Microsoft didn't host the opening keynote for the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas. Instead, the show went to Qualcomm and its CEO, Dr. Paul... · Tweet this story

16 Great Free Teaching Tools for Teachers
Microsoft has some great free resources to help you better integrate technology into your classroom and turn it into an engaging learning environment. I have gone through all of these resources and I found them very… · Tweet this story


Alan Peat @alanpeat 08 Jan
Pls RT I wish to invite the heads of all teaching unions to contact me in order to discuss a united opposition to current ed. policy
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Billy Bragg @billybragg 08 Jan
If this isn't class war, I don't know what is. The Tories set the working poor against the unemployed
Retweeted by Zoe Margolis, Keith Judge and 1013 others
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Dan@designthinking @dandesignthink 08 Jan
remember to retweet to win our limited edition (printer printed it out wrong) black keep calm and have a break poster
Retweeted by Georgina Black, Khawer Ishtiaq and 8 others
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Kai Diekmann @KaiDiekmann 08 Jan
I can't believe it....
Retweeted by Arne and 21 others
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Jenny Johnson @JennyJohnsonHi5 08 Jan
Rudy just tore up his acceptance letter to Notre Dame and enrolled at the University of Phoenix. #BCS
Retweeted by Annie Heckenberger and 1252 others
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