Sunday, 20 January 2013

Daily Twitter Education Update

Nick Chater,
Here's what's happening on Twitter
  Nick Chater

First Grader Becomes Youngest Person to Ever Develop a Mobile Game
Remember the name Zora Ball. At seven years old, she's the youngest person to ever create a mobile game app. · Tweet this story

AC Grayling may open free school
The philosopher AC Grayling seeks to open a free school in north London with a private education firm. · Tweet this story

Failing to Learn Better: Taxonomy of an iPad lesson
A blog about my attempts to learn better, teach better, lead better, and fail with positive consequences · Tweet this story

Getting the scale right: attitudes before systems.
After millennia of battle the surviving G'Gugvuntt and Vl'hurg realised what had actually happened, and joined forces to attack the Milky Way in retaliation. They crossed vast reaches o... · Tweet this story

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day…
I' ve previously posted about how I concluded that Glogster would work well for my students as a Web 2.0 creation tool, and thought readers might want to see a couple of examples from our ESL Geography class. Here they… · Tweet this story


John Mikulski @JohnMikulski 19 Jan
Twitter is like standing in a room filled with educators who are all sharing their best ideas at the same time. #miflip
Retweeted by JackieGerstein Ed.D., Lee Skallerup, Laura Howell and 53 others
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Eric Cantona @CantonaE7 19 Jan
As a way of welcoming my arrival on twitter, I am giving away 1 signed shirt of mine. To enter 'retweet' this tweet!
Retweeted by Bill Boyd, Mike Gunn and 12417 others
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Erin Klein @KleinErin 19 Jan
Twitter for Teachers (a ten minute tutorial reviewing the basics of getting started) #MiFlip
Retweeted by Laura Howell and 15 others
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Emma Dawson @squiggle7 19 Jan
Does anyone know where I can find a good zoomable number line?
Retweeted by eylanezekiel, Dave Gale and Sway Grantham
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Eric Sheninger @NMHS_Principal 19 Jan
Social media allows educators to learn from anywhere, at anytime, from anyone 4 FREE. Doesn't get much better than that #satchat
Retweeted by Steven Weber, Laura Howell and 45 others
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