Saturday, 12 January 2013

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Building a professional learning network on Twitter
Thanks for reading SmartBlog on Education's Friday Feature. We're here to help educators like you engage, innovate and discuss. This week, veteran educator · Tweet this story

Integrated Curriculum @ Stretford High
Write a story about cheese and onion pies! This is your weblog. It’s yours to use for as long as you want. Simply login and write, edit, play. If you want to upgrade this blog into a multi-user site… · Tweet this story

7 Social Networks to Watch in 2013 – Ryan Holmes in Fortune
So what does 2013 hold for the social media landscape? Here's a look into the crystal ball at the hottest social networking trends of 2013. · Tweet this story

How the Video-Game Industry Already Lost Out in the Gun-Control Debate
Firearms, not entertainment, lead to mass shootings, and yet gamers have become irrevocably implicated. · Tweet this story

Seth's Blog: Four reasons your version of better might not be enough
I might not know about your better, because the world is so noisy I can't hear you. I might not believe it's better, because, hey, people spin and exaggerate and lie. Proof is only useful if it leads to belief.... · Tweet this story


EdCampLA @edcampla 11 Jan
#FollowFriday to our #EdCamp org team! @Matt_Arguello @teachingwthsoul @billselak @Dontworryteach @rushtheiceberg @jaymej @ghkcole @jumekubo
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鳥画像bot @tori_bot 11 Jan
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Andy Wells @MrAndyboy 11 Jan
Fear not Kate Middleton painting haters, I have fixed the issue
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Luke Brooks @luke_brooks 11 Jan
Happy birthday Zayn Malik, from Australia and New Zealand (: #Happy20thBirthdayZayn
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Mark Clements @edunators 11 Jan
"Teaming should be about three things: kids, curriculum and professional development." ~Jack Bereckemeyer, #atplc #collabed
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