Friday, 4 January 2013

Re: Jack Seale, Jodie Morgenson, and 47 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Creative Commons Infographic: Licenses Explained
eLearning, mLearning, Blackboard, Blogging, Social Media, and the stuff in between / David Hopkins Do you use images or photos? Do you check with the owner before saving or copying or using? Are you using Creative… · Tweet this story

Addiction vs. Reflection: Unlocking the Potential of Games
I was just ten years old when the circumstances of life led me to lock-picking for the first time. No, I wasn't starving, nor had I been abducted by a band of thieves. I was driven by something whic · Tweet this story

Give teachers some credit - the profession is stronger than ever
In spite of criticism from government and reports of low morale, the current cohort of teaching staff is able, committed and adaptable, argues a recently-retired headteacher · Tweet this story

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Website Tablet-Friendly
Here are some tips to help you improve the way tablet users experience your website, with just a few simple changes that you can make today. · Tweet this story

A Principal's Reflections
Education is a reflective practice. This blog provides my views on educational leadership, effective technology integration, best practices, and creating a student-centered learning · Tweet this story


Jack Seale @jackseale 03 Jan
Video of Kevin-Prince Boateng booting the ball at racists, then taking AC Milan off the pitch:… /via @tancredipalmeri
Retweeted by Doug Belshaw, Digital Maverick and 20 others
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Mike Reagan @mikereagan01 03 Jan
How do you use Edmodo with your students as a principal? I am looking at taking Edmodo school wide and would love to know how you use it.
Retweeted by Gayle Kolodny Cole,  Sean Junkins, Sharon Samson and 2 others
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Yarnista @ThreeIrishGirls 03 Jan
I'm opening a new gym called "Resolutions". It will have exercise equipment for the first two weeks, and then it will turn into a bar.
Retweeted by Javier Tobal, Mary Bertram, Aaron Lundstrom and 1814 others
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Chris Kennedy @chrkennedy 03 Jan
Cool stuff happening with school apps on the North Shore - here is a comparison produced by WVSS #bced #sd45pln
Retweeted by Ian Yorston, Jeremy Reid and 1 others
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Paul Haddad @tapbot_paul 03 Jan
I'm really excited about the upcoming Ubuntu phone. Want to dial internationally? Just compile a couple kernel extensions and boom!
Retweeted by Sam Hutchings, James Anderson and 467 others
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