Thursday, 10 January 2013

Re: Shea Bennett, Shaelynn Farnsworth, and 45 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Chiswick School's response to current educational changes
You will have probably heard about the many imminent and proposed changes to secondary education in England such as the end of coursework and modular exams, the EBacc, and a new "slimmed-down" National Curriculum. You… · Tweet this story

Why Highlighting is a Waste of Time: The Best and Worst Learning Techniques
Some of the most common strategies for retaining knowledge are the least effective, according to a new report · Tweet this story

Coursera Takes A Big Step Toward Monetization, Now Lets Students Earn "Verified Certificates" For A Fee
Stanford professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng launched Coursera last year to give anyone and everyone access to courses from top-tier universities -- for free, online. At launch, the startup offered… · Tweet this story

Announcing Edcamp Radio!
Edcamp Radio is here! Each week you can hear from a member of the Edcamp Foundation and organizers of recent Edcamp events. Each episode discusses popular educational trends, helpful smackdown tool... · Tweet this story

More Teens Are on Tumblr than Facebook or Instagram, Survey Finds
Facebook is starting to show its age, according to a recent survey of younger social media users. The shocker? Tumblr was the most popular network, beating out not only Facebook, but also its newly acquired image… · Tweet this story


Shea Bennett @Sheamus 09 Jan
I'm British. I've lived in the UK all my life. Had no idea you could do this with our coins. Did you?
Retweeted by Alex Bellars, Stephen Fahey and 4073 others
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Shawn McCusker @ShawnMcCusker 09 Jan
Yep, thats right @thenerdyteacher is hosting #1to1techat Wed 8pm CST -->Project Based Learning & Student Engagement #edchat #edtech #ettipad
Retweeted by Nicholas Provenzano, Shaelynn Farnsworth, Kristin Ziemke and 3 others
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John Breading @J88EAD 09 Jan
I'm British. I've lived in the UK all my life. Had no idea you could do this with our coins. Did you?"
Retweeted by Emily Hughes and 400 others
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William Chamberlain @wmchamberlain 09 Jan
Not sure what the perfect school looks like, because every kid needs a different kind of perfect. #edchat
Retweeted by Sara Allen, isolutionsforautism and 18 others
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Spiritual Truths @TheGodLight 09 Jan
You must break free of self made limitations & conditioning from your upbringing, if you wish to awaken your potential.
Retweeted by Jen Wood Cunningham and 2007 others
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