Thursday, 17 January 2013

Twitter education summary

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Teaching Agency and National College set to merge
Education Secretary Michael Gove announces that the Teaching Agency and National College for School Leadership will merge to create a single agency, focused on promoting high-quality teaching and school leadership. · Tweet this story

The "Flipped" Classroom and Transforming Education
Recently, I wrote a post regarding some ideas that I did not believe that would transform school culture. Although most agreed on two of the ideas that I shared, there was a large contingent of ed... · Tweet this story

10 Things Colleges Now Look For In High School Students
There's a huge amount of competition for every spot in a college classroom. Here's a few tips for high school students to make sure they make the grade. · Tweet this story

8 Up and Coming Google+ Communities in Education
Check out our list to find some of our favorite up and coming Google+ communities in education. · Tweet this story

The Problem with "Personalized Learning"
James Paul Gee: " People who never confront challenge and frustration, who never acquire new styles of learning, and who never face failure squarely may in the end become impoverished humans. They may... · Tweet this story


Sarah Lawrence @SLFirstLtd 16 Jan
If you prefer TWITTER over FB then please retweet, i'm trying to show my brother how far one tweet can actually go, Thanks for helping x
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Roo Stenning @TheRealMrRoo 16 Jan
@TeacherToolkit I did a Messi Growth Mindset Assembly with this picture and video last week:…
Retweeted by zoe elder, TeacherToolkit and 9 others
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Laura McInerney @miss_mcinerney 16 Jan
Laws accuses Labour of being 'political' in education and explains that this is unhelpful. Somewhere a glass house is shattering.
Retweeted by Alex Bellars, Rob Davies, Deputy E and 18 others
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David Wiley @opencontent 16 Jan
"'Personalized learning' isn't when each kid takes a different path thru content, it's when kids find what they're learning INTERESTING."
Retweeted by Dan Meyer, Audrey Watters and 30 others
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Tom Murray @thomascmurray 16 Jan
Leaders need to realize that respect is earned and does not come from a position title. #edchat
Retweeted by Kristen Swanson, Bill, Jen Ung and 9 others
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