Friday, 18 January 2013

Twitter Education Update

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Ofsted targets low-ranked areas
There will be concentrated inspections of schools in areas of England said to be under-performing, the education watchdog Ofsted is due to announce. · Tweet this story

20 Tips for Creating a Professional Learning Network
Networking is a prime form of 21st century learning. The world is much smaller thanks to technology. Learning is transforming into a globally collaborative enterprise. Take for example scientists; professional networks… · Tweet this story

How Technology Is Raising The Stakes In Classroom Cheating
The influx of technology has brought the problem of classroom cheating front and center as we all discuss how much technology is enough for classrooms. · Tweet this story

Apps in Education: Collaborative App Guide for the Classroom
One of the hardest things with using the iPad in the classroom is finding the time to go through all of the apps in the iTunes Store listed under the education banner. We have started to list some of the apps we've… · Tweet this story

This is Our Classroom–Will You Show Us Yours?
We're a class of students in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. We hope you're here to help us · Tweet this story


death_stairs @death_stairs 17 Jan
My alarm is set for 5am so I can strap these on and walk around the neighbour's garden in the snow to freak them out.
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Bansi Kara @benniekara 17 Jan
#ukedchat last one, I promise! This one is useful display #punctuationpersonalities
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CalderstonesLiteracy @CaldiesLiteracy 17 Jan
@ICTmagic #ukedchat definitely not! Spelling strategies can be so rewarding.
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Edward Bolton @Eddbolton 17 Jan
TEDxWarwick - Doug Belshaw - The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies: via @YouTube
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Dan@designthinking @dandesignthink 17 Jan
#ukedchat important to make sure all staff know about the basics! we use these little booklets for staff
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