Monday, 11 July 2016

Opunake Primary - a most amazing school

At the end of the term Opunake Primary  fill two rooms ( joined to make one) and the immediate corridor with the work  completed by the classes based on their current theme/study/topic.

I have been to several of their open days and always leave in awe of the work done by the students and their teachers. The open days cover three days and two evenings and are the time for students to share their work with their families.  I observed students informing their families and  the visitors were as awestruck as I was.

The school bases its work around the ideas of James Beane and Inquiry learning integrating all aspects of the curriculum.

I have written a number of blogs based on my visit to this school which cover the approach the school uses:

Alice in Numberland


Shackleton's exploring of Antarctica

Environmental Science

Maths Science and Harry Potter.

I am still coming to terms with my last visit which was based around STEM ( science technology engineering and maths ) or really STEAM ( as it also involves the arts).

The photos below will give you some ideas of the experience of taking part in a visit.

The principal Lorraine talking to a visitor in the corridor

Mecanno robots programmed to move

Every wall covered with students work based on STEAM

Science experiments

Working with electrical switches.
Battery powered machines

Computers and elecronics
Water experiments

Programming the robot

The Three D printer at work

Student informing parent
PowerPoint about da Vinci
Da Vinci at work - a STEAM learner.

Camera less photography - based on Len Lye

Scan to watch student video

Computer generated alien portrait

Liquid clock data

Model making

from leading and learning

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