Saturday, 2 July 2016

Our School Development Plan Priorities 2016-7


Ambition for All

It’s that time of year when we’re looking ahead, planning for next year and beyond, trying to reorganise and regroup so that we’re moving forward.  As ever, we’re ambitious for what we can achieve and we’re trying move forward on lots of fronts.  Here are our School Development Plan headlines (the full plan is under construction, ready for September).

1. Ethos, Behaviour, Student Well-being 

  • Embed Behaviour for Learning
  • Further develop Equalities agenda – e.g. Stonewall Silver
  • Strengthen safeguarding review system
  • Introduce Well-being Centre and extend counselling services

2. Achievement, Curriculum, Learning, Assessment 

  • Further develop targeted Year 11 mentoring and systematic KS3 interventions
  • Implement Teaching and Learning Agenda, with tighter departmental monitoring:
    • Common format for Lessons at HGS. 
    • Knowledge; Reading; Rhetoric; Feedback; Excellence Exhibitions 
    • Cultural Capital: poetry by heart, the HGS timeline, London Dreams project, classroom identities. 
  • New course implementation KS4/5 and KS3 mapping.
  • Focus on SEND Provision and role of mainstream teachers.
  • Streamline Assessment and Reporting (more action, less data)
  • Embed KS3 1-9 Grading
  • Roll-out reworked music tuition programme.

3. Staff Development, Recruitment, Staff Well-being 

  • Further develop fortnightly CPD – stronger focus on impact with students
  • Introduce whole-staff BfL training into the CPD programme
  • Develop staff induction programme and ITT content
  • Strengthen provision for staff well-being and internal communication.

4. Development of Sixth Form Provision 

  • Roll out the EPQ and the National Baccalaureate, with Personal Development Programme.
  • Develop more rigorous first term induction process.
  • Review core offer including range of AS courses for 2017.

5. Systems, Finance and Premises 

  • Introduce Google Classroom – as replacement for VLE and SMHW
  • Introduce online rewards/badges system eg ePraise.
  • Strengthen all aspects of budget control.
  • Sixth Form Building Programme
  • Implement network upgrade.

6. Leadership and Management 

  • Full implementation of Head of School and Year Leadership Team structure.
  • Introduce Middle Leadership CPD strand
  • Develop Review system with termly themed reviews to reinforce Departmental Reviews: SEN, Rhetoric, Top End.  Act on findings from Somali Boys review.
  • Broaden scope of staff mentoring
  • Develop support planning system linking Student Support/Behaviour Team/ Heads of School

Once you have a list this long, you can’t add any more and still talk in terms of priorities even though this doesn’t include everything we’re doing.  We’ll review it in the same way as we did before.

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