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Promoting Cultural Capital: We are naming our classrooms.

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As part of a long-term, school-wide initiative to develop our students’ cultural capital, we are going to be giving each of the spaces in our school an identity linked to a significant person.  Each department has been asked to select people who represent their subjects, blending historical and contemporary figures and seeking to achieve a balance gender and ethnicity.  The selection process in each department included staff and student input which generated some heated debates at the end of last term.  We haven’t quite finished it yet; some departments are still deliberating and we have the Library and Main Hall still to be named. Across the whole list we’re also intending to make sure it represents LGBT and disability role-models so there will be some final tweaking to be done.

Inside and outside each room there will be a simple prominent display highlighting the person’s contribution to the disciplines they are associated with.  Students will encounter these people as they move around the school; they will become part of the fabric of the building and the backdrop to their learning.  Since many of the people chosen will seem fairly obscure at first, students will have cause to stop and think about who they are and teachers will have lots of talking points.

Collectively, the people we have selected symbolise many of the values and attitudes we want our students to adopt around academic learning or striving for excellence or making a difference to society in some way.

So – here is the list so far.  A work in progress….

Name Room Faculty / Dept
Albert Einstein SC1 Science
Edwin Hubble SC2 Science
Rosalind Franklin SC3 Science
Gregor Mendel SC4 Science
Marie Curie SC5 Science
Isaac  Newton SC6 Science
Charles Darwin SC7 Science
Elizabeth Loftus SC8 Science
Stephen Hawking SC9 Science
Srinivasa Ramanujan MA1 Maths
Leonhard Euler MA2 Maths
Hypatia MA3 Maths
Emmy Noether MA4 Maths
Alan Turing MA5 Maths
René Descartes MA6 Maths
Maryam Mirzakhani MA7 Maths
Sophie Germain MA8 Maths
Pythagoras Maths Office Maths
Abraham Maslow Nurture Student Support
William Shakespeare Office English
George Orwell EN1 English
Chinua Achebe EN2 English
Orhan Pamuk EN3 English
J.K. Rowling EN4 English
Carol Ann Duffy EN5 English
Kazuo Ishiguro EN6 English
Mary Shelley EN7 English
Sylvia Plath EN8 English
Maya Angelou EN9 English
Karl Marx Hu1 Humanities
Margaret Ann Bulkley Hu2 Humanities
Oscar Romero Hu3 Humanities
Ibn Khaldun Hu4 Humanities
Doreen Massey Hu5 Humanities
David Attenborough Hu6 Humanities
Patricia Hill Collins Hu7 Humanities
CLR James Hu8 Humanities
Tim Berners-Lee ICT1 ICT
Steve Jobs ICT2 ICT
Shigeru Miyamoto ICT3 ICT
Laurie Anderson ICT4 ICT
John Maynard Keynes BS1 Business and Economics
Igor Ansoff BS2 Business and Economics
Deborah Meaden BEC Business and Economics
Edward de Bono BEC1 Business and Economics
Leonard Bernstein MU1 Music
Marin Alsop MU2 Music
Miles Davis MU3 Music
Edward Elgar MU4 Music
David Bowie MU5 Music
Esperanza Spalding MU6 Music
Jimi Hendrix Studio Music
Evelyn Glennie PR1 Music
Leon Goosens PR2 Music
Johann Quantz PR3 Music
Nicola Benedetti PR4 Music
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart PR5 Music
John Cage PR6 (Quiet room) Music
Wilmer Wise PR7 Music
John Paul Jones PR8 Music
Yinka Shonibare tbc ADT
Phyllida Barlow tbc ADT
Walter Sickert tbc ADT
Alexander McQueen tbc ADT
Zaha Hadid tbc ADT
Michel Foucault tbc ADT
Susan Sontag tbc ADT
Che Guevara MFL1 MFL
Frantz Fanon MFL2 MFL
Mariela Castro MFL3 MFL
Simone Veil MFL4 MFL
Coco Chanel MFL5 MFL
Frida Kahlo Office MFL
Maria Montessori WellBeing Centre Student Support
Louis Braille Literacy Room Student Support
Hellen Keller Intervention Room Student Support
Sigmund Freud Counselling Room Student Support
Nelson Mandela Office Student Support
Thomas Coram Staff Base Student Support
Ira Aldridge Dr1 Drama
David Tennant Dr2 Drama
Stanislavsky Dr3 Drama

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