Monday, 19 September 2016

Want to become a growth mindset school?

We are hosting our first Teaching: Leading Learning day at Churchill Academy & Sixth Form on Friday 14th October 2016.

This is a chance to see Churchill Academy & Sixth Form in action, meet key staff, and learn about our outstanding approaches to:

  1. Creating a learning culture and becoming a growth mindset school
  2. Developing and empowering middle leaders
  3. Effective Senior Leadership
  4. Pastoral care, including vertical tutoring
  5. Pupil premium
  6. Professional development
  7. Behaviour and inclusion
  8. Sixth Form provision

The programme for the day is flexible, so if there is anything specific in our work you are particularly interested in finding out about, please let us know.

If you would like more details about the day, or to book a place, please fill in the form below:


What Ofsted said about Churchill Academy & Sixth Form:

A learning culture

Students settle quickly to learning and are keen to engage in the activities teachers plan for them. They have a thirst for knowledge and routinely question their teachers and classmates to enrich their understanding. These qualities exemplify students’ highly positive attitudes towards learning.

Middle Leadership

‘Middle leaders [are] a force for change within the academy’. Middle leaders work together as a team exceptionally well. They anticipate where further improvements are necessary; they develop and consistently carry out policies which ensure that the academy sustains outstanding outcomes for students.

Senior Leadership

Senior leaders are highly effective. They undertake thorough and accurate checks on the work of the academy, together with the Headteacher and governors. These ensure that they carry out measures to tackle the identified areas for development quickly and meticulously. Teaching and educational opportunities for students are, therefore, of the highest quality and students’ behaviour is outstanding.

Pastoral Care

The house system is valued by students. They appreciate the impact of mixed-aged tutor groups on providing opportunities for older students to help, support and act as positive role models for younger students. The house system also helps to promote highly positive relationships, based on mutual respect, between all members of the academy community.

Pupil Premium

The access coordinator provides outstanding leadership of the academy’s use of the pupil premium to ensure that all disadvantaged and vulnerable students receive the care, support and guidance they need to be successful learners. This is just part of the academy’s work to ensure equality of opportunity for all students.

Professional Development

The leadership of teaching is outstanding. Senior leaders, middle leaders and governors regularly check the quality of teaching; training is expertly matched to both the academy’s identified areas for improvement and teachers’ individual development needs.

Behaviour and inclusion

The behaviour of students is outstanding. The highly inclusive culture of the academy is characterised by the exceptionally strong support and guidance offered to all students. Students know that staff care about them and want them to achieve their best.

Sixth form provision

The leadership of the sixth form is outstanding…Teaching in the sixth form is outstanding. Teachers have expert subject knowledge, which they use to challenge students and to support them to reach the very high targets set for their academic achievement…The information, guidance and careers advice provided for students are exceptional…Sixth form students enjoy being members of the academy. Their attendance is very high and all feel exceptionally safe and well cared for. Sixth form students are excellent role models for younger students because of their exemplary behaviour and the way in which they are integrated into academy events

from Teaching: Leading Learning | Reflections on Education: a blog by Chris Hildrew

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