Sunday, 18 September 2016

Watching your children grow up and then leave home…

Age one; already ready for adventure
Age one; already ready for adventure
18: The moment of leaving home..
18: The moment of leaving home..

Last weekend we took our daughter to university – an exciting and emotional moment in our lives.  Watching her become the person she is over the last 18 years has been the greatest joy and privilege; a wonderful experience. She’s an amazing person;  we’re immensely proud of her  – and we’re going to miss her.  At the same time, we’re so excited for her as her journey into the world of medicine begins; a brilliant doctor in the making (assuming she does all the work!). If the texts from her first week are anything to go by, she’ll be taking up every opportunity and making the most of student life.  It all sounds so exciting, you want to go and do it all with her. But this is her time… she’s off into the world by herself.

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Watching your kids grow up is such an amazing process…they change, we change, we share life together in our little family unit.. and every so often we stop to think how lucky we are to have each other.  You do all you can to prepare them for adulthood – to have the confidence to follow their passions and be the people they want to be – and then, finally, the moment arrives.  It’s flown by….


Our kids have always had each other too. They’ve lived in each other’s pockets, a wonderful team,  always making each other laugh and enjoying our family adventures, with just the normal balance of sibling love and tension that helps them be the people they are…


Being my daughter’s Dad (and my son’s)  is most certainly my greatest contribution to the world. There’s nothing in life as rewarding, quite as profound as being the parent of such lovely, independent people with strong ideas about life, the universe and everything. Even if they do find you embarrassing and annoying from time to time … that’s part of the deal!


I think we’ve done a good job. The trials of GCSEs and A levels are over, she made it through all the hoops and now she’s off.  She’s ready. The world’s at her feet…

Thankfully there will still be holidays.  We have fond memories of all the great adventures we’ve shared together over the years. We’re hoping to have quite a few more – while she still wants to come with us!

It will just take a while to get used to that empty room…


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