Thursday, 27 December 2018

What are we going to do at the weekend?

My name is Isabella. I am 25. I'm very lonely and bored right now... I was looking for facebook and found you.
And .... I love sex very much. Do you want fuuuck me today or tomorrow? Here are more of my private photos and contacts.

but you cannot move about in Time.'

for a moment. Of course we have no means of staying back for any

`It's against reason,' said Filby.

`Possibly not,' said the Time Traveller. `But now you begin to

Dimensions. Long ago I had a vague inkling of a machine--'

`To travel through Time!' exclaimed the Very Young Man.

thought roams gracefully free of the trammels of precision. And

said Filby, an argumentative person with red hair.

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